Bonnie Milligan & Natalie Walker Were Always Supposed To Do A Show On September 6th And Have Been Planning It For Months


This is not a last minute substitution. They have simply been super low-key about it til this very moment, because they are both notoriously chill girls who historically loathe attention. Bonnie Milligan, who has been described by Vulture as “a thrill to watch”, and Natalie Walker, who has been described by Cabaret Scenes as “basically a good singer when not being directly compared to Bonnie Milligan”, join forces for an evening of music, mayhem, and murder (Editor Note: Natalie why would there be murder?? Natalie Note: that’s one secret I’ll never tell...) that will shock you in its meticulousness, craft, and precision. Apropos of nothing: we love you, John Cullum, and we hope you get well soon.

Musical Direction by Dan Garmon
Produced by Robbie Rozelle