You Don't Forget Your First

They say you don't forget your first. I know that I never will.

I loved theatre music forever – there's a video of me in fourth grade singing "Getting To Know You" in the talent show where I could not be bothered with pesky things like lyrics, tone, pitch – really anything. The first paycheck I ever got from my first job, I bought two cassettes: Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits 1979-1990 (because it had "That's What Friends Are For" on it), and the Beaches soundtrack. The first two CDs I bought were the cast album of The Rocky Horror Show (the Roxy cast, thank you), and the Bette Midler soundtrack of Gypsy. There is a theme here. (When I would get into vinyl years later, I bought the cast albums of Nunsense and Little Shop of Horrors first.)

VHS tapes of musicals played all the time – I'm sure my mom was really over me watching the wedding scene from The Sound of Music over and over, and many of the tapes were recorded from Turner Classic Movies (with RuPaul hosting Gypsy and Funny Girl). And yet, I didn't see my first Broadway until 1994, when I was 17. 

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