Steven Ferezy: #Adult

MArch 2016, THE DUPLEX

Growing up we often set benchmarks that signify the transition from child to adult. Double digits, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceñeras, Graduations, Jobs, Leases... the list goes on! I call BUNK! BUNK I TELL YOU! We are all just lil kids with checkbooks (Venmo?) and bills! Come join me for an evening of song and storytelling through my journey as a #ADULT.

Special Guests: Tracy McDowell, Natalie Joy Johnson, Sean Patrick Doyle and James Jackson, Jr.

Written by Steven Ferezy and Robbie Rozelle
Musical Direction by Bryson Baumgartel
Directed by Robbie Rozelle


"Rap Realness Medley"

"The Andrew Lloyd Webber Love Trio"

"Mr. Tanner"

"I Hate You/Perfect"